90 Day Coaching Program

Are struggling with either …

a) coming up with a product

b) building their website funnel

c) getting traffic to their site

I have decided to do something very exciting for 15 people.

I put together a 90 Day Coaching Program to walk you through the exact steps I use in my own business and several partnership projects daily, its called The Online Marketing Platform.

You will find an outline of the 90 Day coaching program below:

Month 1

week 1:  Discovery Session

week 2:  Seeing Your Vision Clearly

week 3:  Mapping Your Paths to Profits

week 4:  Understanding The 5 Product Levels and Outlining Your Products

Month 2

week 5:  Mapping Out Your Product Funnel for Maximum Profits

week 6:  Secrets To Creating Copy

week 7:  Creating Copy that Converts Visitors to Prospects to Customers/Clients

week 8:  Building Your Optimized Funnel

Month 3

week 9:   Understanding the 3 Primary Types of Traffic

week 10: The Pre-Launch Marketing Plan

week 11: FB Ads

week 12: Tweaking & Optimizing


BONUS #1 … and quite honestly what I feel makes this offer unlike any other offer I’ve seen online is that my team will be building out your new product funnel website for you, so that you can stay focused on what matters … providing value to your customers/clients and the income that it results in.

One additional benefit of this 90 Day Coaching program… this will be the last private coaching program I offer for the year and likely it will be the last private coaching I ever do.

That is not some sales tactic or false scarcity approach, the bottom line is I believe that Trading Time For Money SUCKS!!!!  Don’t believe me, you can see that I even use that as a tag line on my EscapeTheJobLife.com and Facebook.com/EscapeTheJobLife 🙂

However, I do find it very fulfilling to coach businesses and entrepreneurs on this stuff PLUS my selfish reasons for doing this private coaching is to gain 15 brand new testimonials.

BONUS #2 … I will be providing the 15 people who go through this course complimentary access to my private Lifestyle Entrepreneur Club in 2015.

Sorry for the long email, but I really wanted to give you as much information as I could.

You are free to reply with questions or I would be happy to Skype with you ( drew.burks ) if you prefer.

Thanks again for going through the challenge – I appreciate it 🙂

BONUS #3 – refer a friend and earn a $500 cash bonus or credit for each referral who signs up and completes the 90 Days


Here are Some Common Questions People Have Asked Me:

1.  What if I don’t have a product?

– no problem, most everyone I have worked with in the past 5 years started out with no products and several of them are now making very substantial incomes from online product sales.  I will guide you through the product creation process!

2.  What if I an existing website, do I need to create a new one?

– the short answer is YES.  the long answer is that we will be building a new product sales funnel which is typically 2-5 pages and can easily sit on your existing WordPress site (assuming your site is on WordPress)

3.  What if my existing site is NOT on WordPress?

– based on the size and amount of content, we may rebuild your site on WP for you … OR we may simply build the new product sales funnel and it will be on a new domain, leaving you with 2 sites (not necessarily a bad thing)

4.  Who will own the website after your team builds it?

– you will

5.  What other expenses will I need to incur besides the cost of your 90 Day Coaching Program?


*You may or may not require all of the tools below, but you should NOT require any tools that are not listed below:

– Domain:  $15 per year

– Hosting:   $5 per month

– LeadPages:  $37 – $67 per month

– OptimizePress Theme:  $97 one time

– Ad Spend:  $5 per day to start

– Virtual Assistants:  $50 – $1000 … based on what kind of products you create and how much help you might need with things like:  transcription, design, editing, desktop publishing, writing, etc…

The cost of this program is only $3,000 and is payable in three payments of $1,000 … you can use this link to sign up today and secure your spot!  Again I am only offering this exciting program to 15 lucky people!

Still on the fence?  Think about this …

–>>> You could easily pay $3,000 or more for a new website

This is an incredible opportunity and may be the best investment you can make for your business as you prepare to finish the year strong and to exponentially grow your business income in 2015 – grab your spot today!