2 Simple Ways To Double Or Triple Your Webinar Attendance

Are you experiencing a low attendance for your webinars?

If so, here are two (2) very simple ways you can double, or triple your webinar attendance easily!

The first, and most commonly known is to send a SMS reminder to your registrants.  You can even send a series of SMS reminders.  Now obviously you need to collect their phone # if you want to do this …so make sure you put this on the registration page.

The second, and less commonly known strategy has proven to be the single best strategy we’ve ever done to boost attendance.  In fact we went from an average of 30% attendance to 70%-80% attendance the same day we implemented this one.

So what is it you ask …

We offered a “top of the hour” time, which meant no matter when someone visited out webinar registration page they would always have the option to watch a webinar at the top of the nearest hour. So for example, if you were to land on our page at 3:45pm, you would be able to attend a webinar at 4pm.

Bonus Tip:

This one is much sneakier …and I’ve only seen it used by a handful of the most successful marketers on the planet.  It creates curiosity and perception of benefit with content to come in webinar while creating psychological discord over incomplete tasks.

So how do you do this?

It’s simple … simply create a PDF handout / worksheet with fill in the blanks for them to use while watching the webinar.  It is crazy simple, yet works insanely well!

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