About Me

Hi, my name is Drew Burks and I'm often called a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

But in reality I am a Husband, Father of two amazing boys, owner of the greatest Bernese Mountain Dog in the world, Molly 🙂 and a guy who just happens to place an extremely high value on Time Freedom and loves online marketing.

Like most entrepreneurs I discovered at a very early age that working a "job" was not for me, in fact I often tell people that I am simply not employable.

What I mean by that is ... I am far more interested in living a life by design rather than living a life that my job dictates.  I want to live life doing what I want, not what other people tell me I have to.

I began consulting other business owners and entrepreneurs in 2010 I have helped clients design and automate sales funnels that continue to earn them multiple 6 and 7 Figure incomes.

When I realized that I could easily match or exceed the income I was making for clients and regain my Time Freedom I made the choice to resign. So just a few months back (June 2014) I resigned from my cushy consulting jobs that were paying me more than $11,000 per month for only 3 days per week to resume building my Online Lifestyle Business that I first started in 2008.

Why would I do this? Well there’s 1 very good reason!

#1 Trading Time For Money SUCKS!

With this said, I LOVE to help people EscapeTheJobLife by showing them how to design income streams that can give them Time Freedom in their life. One of the ways I do this is by offering Private VIP Skype Strategy Sessions, but these are no ordinary sessions – they are Laser Focused Strategy Sessions.

You and I get on Skype and, in just 30 minutes I show you how to Discover the Hidden Profits around you and then I outline the actions you need to take in order to follow the paths to profits.

Straightforward. No-hype. No-fluff.

During this session, we can go over any topic related to building your Lifestyle Business: Creating Products, Sales Funnels, Marketing Automation, Traffic, Membership sites, Copy, Headlines, Pricing, you name it.

I can give you the clarity and the answers you are looking for.

Clients have paid me well over a hundred thousand dollars in consulting fees for this type of information. But right now, you can have a 1-on-1 30-minute VIP Strategy/Coaching Session with me for free.

CLICK this link and schedule your free strategy session!

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