Automated Webinar Secrets

Behind the scenes of a $3.6+ million dollar automated webinar …

…and dozens of 6 figure webinars.

I have been doing webinars for 10 years now.  I hosted my very first webinar way back in 2008, and I’ll never forget it because within 15 minutes of ending the webinar I had $2,400 in my paypal account.  It was awesome!!!

Webinars have, without a doubt, been the single biggest source of income for myself and most of my clients and I believe they could be for you too.

In this post I want to give you a simple step by step process for creating your very own automated webinar.

First step is to understand what the big picture looks like.

You are going to need:

  • Webinar Presentation
  • Something to sell on the webinar
  • Webinar Registration Page
  • Thank you / Confirmation page
  • Webinar event page
  • Sales page / Order form page
  • Webinar system / platform
  • Emails
  • Ads

Ok now that you know the different pieces you are going to need, let me give you a quick outline of the strategy that works best.

Step 1 – Host a Live Webinar

Step 2 – Learn from your live webinars

Step 3 – Automate

Step 4 – Optimize & Scale

The more detailed process looks like this:

  • Survey your audience (if you have them)
  • Create webinar presentation
  • Invite people to register and attend your live webinar
    • you will need a webinar registration & confirmation page
    • you will need a webinar system/platform
  • Host a live webinar (you may want to do this more than once)
  • Record & Transcribe your live webinar
  • Listen to the recordings & Read through the transcriptions
    • write down the names & locations of the attendees
    • write down the questions people ask, be sure to get their name & time that they asked the question
    • you also want to export all of the registrants (attendees & no shows)
  • Record your automated webinar
    • *When recording your automated webinar, you want to use the names & locations and questions that were asked in your live webinars … this will help to give your automated webinar the feeling of being live.
  • Build your automated webinar funnel
  • Launch

Once your automated webinar funnel is live with traffic you will want to track the following conversions so that you know how to optimize and scale the revenue from it.

  • Daily Ad Spend
  • Daily # of Clicks
  • Daily # of Registrants
  • Daily # of Attendees
  • Daily # of No Shows
  • Daily # of Sales
  • Daily # of Refunds
  • CPC = Costs Per Click
  • CPL = Costs Per Lead/Registrant
  • EPC = Earnings Per Click
  • EPA = Earnings Per Attendance

You will also want to track how long people stay on the webinar … personally I like track it in 15 minute intervals so that I can see how well the webinar holds engagement.

Now … let me tell you the big secrets learned from this $3.6 Million webinar.

#1 – The Offer matters!

#2 – The Presenter matters!!

In fact I would go as far to say that these two things can easily make or break your webinar.



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