Becoming a lifestyle entreprenuer – leaving the job life behind

5 indications that it might be time to leave your job

In late 2009, just a few weeks before my first child was born, I made the decision to retire from my successful real estate business, and pursue a full time, online lifestyle. By setting up a consulting business and due to hard work and perseverance, I was earning above six figures for three and a half days work, per week. A pattern has emerged, however, as just two months ago, a month before my second child was born, I decided to walk away from this business too. While both my real estate brokerage, and consulting businesses, are lifestyle businesses, I have decided to stop trading time for money. I have been inspired to share my story, to help and guide others, who are unsatisfied with the way their working life is headed, and stuck with the question – What would I do if I had to start over? With this in mind, and the desire to improve my own life, I have made the decision to break free and document my transition to lifestyle entrepreneur, for all to see; In addition to this I will be inviting a small group of like minded, motivated individuals, to join me on this journey in building a six figure lifestyle business, that doesn’t require time for money. So, how do you know if you are ready to join me? below are some signs you are ready to become a fast-lane, lifestyle entrepreneur..

1.  Anxiety and stress

Are you feeling increasingly anxious or stressed, regarding anything to do with your job? If you are starting to feel this way about going into work, receiving phone calls/Emails from work, or even thinking about work. It is time to move on.

2.  Boredom

Remember when you first started your job? The passion, enthusiasm and excitement you felt? It is hard to be at the top of your game when you feel bored. If your job lacks new opportunities, or you feel like you can’t go any further than your current position, this is another big red flag.

3.  Health deterioration

Are you getting ill more often, feeling more tired, or generally feeling under the weather? If this is not down to an existing medical condition, this is serious. If your working life is affecting your health, then its time to get out now.

4.  Your family

Do your family complain that they never see you? or do you recognize that your relationship with them is becoming strained, due to the pressure you are under at work? do you see your co-workers more than your family? These are good things to keep in mind as you ask yourself the question, who is more important to me? Family should be cherished, as I realized when my sons were born. If your job has a negative impact on your personal relationships, its time to jump ship.

5.  Job security

Are you worried or anxious about job security, being demoted, laid off or fired? If your job security is looking shaky, its time to do something about it now, before the situation gets worse. Remove your fate from someone else’s hands. If you are still with me this far and you can identify with the problems above, then it is time to listen to your emotions as they act as an internal guide, and refocus on what matters in your life.

Start living a life of choice, instead of job obligations.

I can help you in creating your plans on how to escape your job life.


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