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4th of July “Independence Day” seems like the most appropriate time for me to share this with you …

Way back in 1999/2000 I was fired from a really great job.  The first stop I made after walking out of that office with my final paycheck in hand was to visit a friend of mine, who happened to also be my CPA, while telling him that I had just gotten fired and was freaking out about finding another job quickly, he replied with a question that forever changed my life.

He said, “Drew, are you telling me that you believe you can trust an employer to provide for your life & family MORE than you can trust yourself?”

That was the first day of my independence!  From that moment I began living as an Entrepreneur.  Between 2000 and 2009 I founded / built several companies (some successful, some failures).

In 2009 my first son was born … at this time I was running my real estate brokerage: managing personal transactions and overseeing dozens of transactions from the Realtors working for me (translation = I had created a job for myself that basically eliminated my independence).

I knew that something had to change, so I chose to re-invent myself as an online entrepreneur to regain control over my time (this was not easy) … walking away from BIG commission checks in my Real Estate Business.  In fact the 12 months following this decision led to a disastrous financial  meltdown.

At this time it would have been easy for me to give up and look for employment, but that was not an option for me.  I had a taste of independence and a strong desire to get it back.  This failure was simply another step in my pursuit of success.

Fast forward to early to mid April 2014, when a question from my son changed everything again.  Ironically it was approximately 45-60 days before my 2nd child was due to arrive, I was getting my 4 year old ready for bed and as we were lying in his bed reading stories he interrupted my reading with…

“Daddy, I want to ask you something … will you please stop going into your clients offices to work”  So I ask him, “why would you ask me that?” … he replied “because I like it better when you work at home.  I miss you when you go into their offices”

As he drifted off to sleep I laid by his side with a deep appreciation for my family and gratitude for the blessing of choice that we have in this great country.  I also realized that I was starting to let a majority of my Independence “ie. Time” slip away again.

The blessing of Independence!

So many people in this great country are still living with very little independence in their life, so before I head out to the pool to enjoy Independence Day with my little boy I want to share some thoughts with you in hopes of inspiring you to take control of your life and Independence.

How do you create Independence?

First, you need to establish what type of independence you are searching for:

Personal Independence 

Are you looking for independence in your relationships: friendships, marriage, partners, etc…

Diana Boer, PhD, a researcher in Bremen, Germany, who analyzed data from 420,599 subjects found that having choices and control over your life is a better predictor of well-being than having money.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, author of The How of Happiness agrees. She pointed to research that showed that lack of autonomy leads to greater stress and even poor health

As Boer had put it, “independence means cultivating faith in yourself at a fundamental level.”

Financial Independence

Are you looking for financial independence: debt reduction, savings, more income, etc…

If you want more financial Independence you first need to earn more than you spend.  Assuming your primary income source is the result of a job, your options for increasing your income are limited to …

1. charging more per hour
2. working more hours

However, both will consume more of your Independence (ie.  You will have less time for you, your family, your friends, etc…)

So the only real choice for gaining true Independence in your life is to STOP Trading Time for Money!

So what is the secret?

The secret to being truly free of money worries is to have multiple streams of income, each one of them enough for you to live on.

… your income must be diversified into several streams so that if one goes away your life will not be impacted negatively

Develop Clarity of Mind, Control Your Thoughts & Emotions to Start Creating Independence Easily

The best starting place is to start doing something you love doing!  Our emotions are like an internal guidance system, when you are feeling badly or negatively, it is a good indication that you are off track … focusing on the wrong things.  When this happens, take a moment to acknowledge your feelings, and immediately shift your focus and energy to something you can feel great about.

Here is a really great article on *The 8 Rules of Financial Independence.

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