Discover The #1 Marketing Lessons I Learned In 2017

…It Was Responsible For Generating Close To $2 Million Dollars In Sales In 2017 Alone.

Video Testimonials

You might be thinking, Drew …video testimonials aren’t really anything new.  

It isn’t a question of how new the idea is, it is however, a question about whether or not you are using them, and could they possibly grow your sales into the 7 figure range.

Have a look around, most businesses are not using video testimonials …including me!

Until recently I had some limiting beliefs around asking for testimonials, especially video ones. Personally I always felt a little awkward asking someone to record a video saying how awesome I am.

But then I watched a client of mine get more than 3 dozen amazing video testimonials, and use them to sell nearly $2 Million dollars in business during 2017.

And although I was impressed, I still had not taken any action to get video testimonials for my business. Then I had a conversation with Sally, and it became abundantly clear that I MUST build a library of video testimonials.

You see, Sally was interested in a service that my client provided, so I presented her with the 3 different options available from my client.  Sally insisted that she was only interested in the option that provided the fastest to market option …let’s call it “product X”.

As it turns out, product X was also the least expensive of the 3 options I shared with her.  

Fast forward 48 hours later, she decided to pay for the 1st option, which is easily 10x the cost of product X and will delay her time to market by 6-12 months – #SHOCKING!

So WHY did she do this?

The answer = Video Testimonials!

My client has nearly 4 dozen incredible video testimonials for the option she chose, and zero testimonials for product X.

DISCLOSURE – not all video testimonials are worth having!  You need to follow a proven framework to get these … if you want the framework, click here to schedule a call with me and I will share it with you.

Some additional lessons learned:

  1. You have to become the CEO of your business … Michael Gerber wrote an entire book around this principle of working “on” your business opposed to working “in” your business.  Most entrepreneurs get trapped working in their business.
  2. You have to diversify your income … I’m sure you have heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, yet most people do just that with regards to their income.  If you are getting the majority of your income from a single source you are walking a thin line.
  3. You must put your money to work for you … Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!”
  4. You must eliminate any dependencies on clients or jobs … This correlates with having all of your income in one basket.  Bottom line is that you want to cease being dependent on any external source, because when you do, you get to experience true freedom and confidence.

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