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Welcome to The Online Marketing Platform…

… the perfect platform for any new business owner or entrepreneur just starting out.  The Online Marketing Platform (OMP) is the result of my 5+ years, tens of thousands of dollars out of my pockets and nearly 10,000 personal hours invested into developing a Lifestyle Business via online marketing that could provide a consistent income to provide for my family.

This was no easy task!

In fact I want to be candid with you… despite what every online marketing expert/ guru is telling us, creating an online lifestyle business is NOT easy!  Now in all fairness, what they are teaching in principle is pretty simple, but what they aren’t teaching is how to really make it all work and I can tell you from experience they are absolutely not selling the entire picture for what it takes to be successful online.

For example, I am going to rattle off just a few items below you will need to become very skilled at if you have any chance of succeeding AND for the record, I am 100% positive it will not be a complete list… which will make my point even more real!

  • web design
  • web programming: HTML, PHP, CSS
  • copy writing
  • email marketing
  • video: recording, editing & producing
  • seo
  • ppc
  • facebook: engagement & traffic
  • content marketing
  • content syndication / distribution
  • blogging
  • outsourcing
  • time mgmt
  • product creation
  • graphic design
  • web analytics: setting up the tools, understanding how to use them
  • split testing
  • podcasting

Ok that’s all I can think of at the moment, but AGAIN I can safely tell you there are others 😉

As with any thing, the specific skills above will certainly vary from person to person, but there are definitely systems & processes that anyone starting to build a business online should follow.  Doing so allows you as the business owner to focus on what matters -creating revenue / cash flow!

After all, if your business has no revenue or cash flow you are back to looking for a job!  And you might guess from the name of my blog I am anti-jobs 😉 so I had no choice but to figure all of this stuff out.  Unfortunately it took me a few years, tens of thousands of dollars and nearly as many working hours, but it was all worth it 🙂

The good news is you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made because I have put everything into a working system and use it daily to continually optimize my own business.  Furthermore I am using the same systems & processes in multiple online business partnerships, so the systems & processes are continually being improved.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who’s either just starting out, or been struggling to learn and implement all of this online marketing stuff I invite you to CLICK HERE to be one of the lucky 15 people to take part in a private 90 Day Coaching Program where I walk you through The Online Marketing Platform (OMP) and hold your hand for 90 days while you take your business to the next level!

My guess is that you will be completely amazed and excited that something like OMP actually exists … DISCLOSURE, this is NOT some cookie cutter website / lead gen “machine”.

The OMP is all about using our systems & processes in a way that maintains your individualism and entrepreneurial spirit.  I’m telling you, there’s nothing like this… I know because I have been looking for it since 2008.

CLICK HERE to discover the hidden profits in your business while I walk you step by step through  The Online Marketing Platform for 90 days.



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