FREE 7 Figure Automated Webinar Training

Want To Know What Makes A Webinar Profitable?

…or even wildly successful?

So successful that it produces 6 figures each and every month for two years and longer?

My name is Drew Burks and I have built, managed and optimized webinars (live & automated) for myself and clients for a few years now.  In fact, I hosted my very first webinar way back in 2008 …and with only 6 attendees I made $2,400.

Fast forward a few years, I launched a a series of 4 live webinars in June 2014 and they brought in a little more than $220,000.  I then automated that webinar and it continues to generate 6-figures each and every month.  During the 22 months I was managing it, the sales topped $3.6 Million dollars.

In 2015 and 2016 I built, launched, and optimized webinars for dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners, many of which generated well over 6 figures … and dozens of ones that did 5 figures.

In 2017 I helped another very well known marketer build a webinar funnel for a live webinar that did close to $200K in just a few short weeks.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because I want you to know I’ve been running webinars for 10 years now … way before they were the cool thing to do!  I have built, managed and optimized profitable webinars in dozens of niches!

I’ve never really felt compelled to share what I’ve learned, but feel a sense of responsibility to do so now because the market is overwhelmed with “gurus” selling thousand dollar courses to teach you how to do webinars, and I haven’t found a single one that’s telling you the truth.

You see, most of these guru courses are teaching you some good stuff, but they are leaving out ONE VERY BIG element, in fact I have found it to be the MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT of any webinar.

Not only do they not tell you about it, they mislead you into thinking they have some magic formula or blueprint that will make you rich overnight.

DISCLOSUREthey are full of shit!

So that’s why I am telling you this.

In fact, I believe so strongly in this that I have decided to put together my own thousand dollar training course, one that actually gives you the million dollar piece of information, and I’m giving it to you completely free.

That’s right – I am giving you my thousand dollar training course for free:

7 Figure Automated Webinar Training

You can have it for FREE!

WHY would I do this?

Well that answer is really very simple too!

I believe that it is the right thing to do.  Plus I happen to believe that many of you will be smart enough to not want to setup everything by yourself and will ask me to help you with it.

Either way you can have the training for FREE!

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