Calling All 9-5 Employees, Coaches, Consultants, & Freelancers

Are you tired of trading your time for money?

There is only one answer to that question … IF you are being honest with yourself!

For so many years I fooled myself into thinking I was building a business or living the entrepreneurial life …then reality came crashing down around me.  I wasn’t doing either.

The truth was that I had simply created a job for myself … a job with multiple different bosses (ie. Clients) and they were demanding.  Not in a bad way, but they expected I be able to focus on their project tasks when they needed it.

Assuming you are trading your time for money, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Sure the pay was pretty amazing, but my freedom was equivalent to living life with a ball and chain around my ankle.  This is where the trap comes into play.  You are making enough money to maintain your lifestyle, maybe get caught up on bills or credit card debts, or possibly even start saving money …but you don’t have enough time or energy left over to build your dreams.

And as long as your income is dependent on clients or a 9-5, you know that your entire life is dependent on someone else …and that everything could come crashing down around you without any notice.

Despite what most online “gurus” tell us …building an online business that generates more than enough “consistent” revenue so that you can comfortably fire your clients or quit your 9-5 requires a lot of focused effort and work!

Building an online business also requires several different skills, like:

  • graphic design
  • content creation: written, audio, video
  • advertising skills
  • tech integrations
  • tech support
  • understanding conversion data

… and a few more that I’m likely forgetting in this moment 😉

So how do you overcome the obstacle of trading time for money?

The answer is:

The Mailbox Money System

I will be officially launching this to the world early 2018, but before I do so I would like to invite you to join 19 other people to participate in the first ever Mailbox Money System Beta Group.

As a beta member, I am going to walk you through my favorite money systems; including what I have found to be the most stable, most scalable, and by far most profitable! It can be setup, and managed from anywhere in the world.  You can even outsource most of the tasks.

As a beta member, I will be delivering this training to you via live trainings.  I will be providing you VIP support and holding your hand though the entire process.

I will walk you through what I call “The Framework” so that you see why so many people get overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck when they try to build an online business by themselves.  Most importantly “The Framework” will show you how to never become overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck when building your mailbox money systems.

Inside the beta group …

You will have your 1st money machine up and making money in 30 days or less!

When you join, the first thing we will do is have a Private 60 Min Strategy Session.  This is important because it will allow me to tailor this program to your personal lifestyle and ambitions.

You will also learn The Framework!  I will deliver this to you in a series of live trainings as it is the foundation to any successful mailbox money system.  The framework will show you how to identify each and every little task required for you to build and launch your profitable mailbox money system. 

(a brief list below)

  • Market / Niche / Product Research & Validation
  • Branding
  • Funnel Mapping
  • Identifying your Paths to Profits (Potential Funnel Profits)
  • Creating Products & Offers
  • Building Funnels (front end pages)
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Email Marketing
  • Tech integrations
  • Advertising & Traffic
  • Conversion Data
  • Income & Expense Reporting

One of the best benefits of The Framework is that you will clearly see what is going to be required so that you know what resources you will need in order to get launched successfully.  As a beta member I am going to give you access to my team & resources so that you don’t have any delays. (access only – you will be responsible for paying their fees)

You will also get access to VIP support for 90 days: phone, skype chat, video

So what here’s what you need to do now.

Step #1CLICK HERE or the image below and enter your email on the next page

Step #2 – Complete the short application form

Step #3 – Schedule our introduction call

If you are accepted into this beta group, you will find a few extra surprises 🙂



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