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Design Is Often Times MORE Important Than Content

Although this is Sad but true, it is 100% logical when you think about it.

Let me explain.

Say you are trying to get people to download an ebook or purchase a product, you will (or should) have a image of the ebook cover or product.

If the image quality is poor, or unattractive, or just not professional looking your conversions will suffer.  On the flip side, let’s say your image is super professional and appealing … your conversions will likely be much much higher.

Now that assumes the content in both scenarios was really great.

So why do I feel this way?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

It’s true!

Now here’s the real kicker … if your design elements are off the charts, professional, clean, crisp and beautiful the content really doesn’t matter that much …because most people don’t read anyway!

They look at the visuals and make an emotional decision about whether or not to take an action, like opting in to your list, or pulling out their credit card.

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HINTIt has nothing to do with Canva or any other tool that requires you to somehow magically become a graphic artist … that is just a waste of your time, and quite frankly and insult to your intelligence!

WARNING – I am NOT telling you that you should put out or sell crappy stuff.  If you do, people won’t trust you and will likely refund whatever they bought from you in the first place.


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