Early 2014 I started a company that set up webinars for industry experts, in the beginning we rarely had more than 1 or 2 clients at a time so managing the projects was simple.  After a few months, we had about a dozen clients and the wheels came off the bus (so to speak).

All of our projects were stalled out and getting nowhere fast.

Our clients were growing frustrated and overwhelmed …and our team was too.  It was amazing, as if suddenly nobody could focus or get anything done.  Everyone was overwhelmed and spinning their wheels …so I created what I refer to as THE FRAMEWORK!

THE FRAMEWORK has become fundamental to getting projects designed, built and launched with speed, efficiency …and zero overwhelm.  This is important because it eliminates the overwhelm by giving you 100% clarity on both the high-level overview and the tiniest of task.

So how can you implement THE FRAMEWORK on your projects?  

The easiest way to learn and implement the framework is to use it on a very simple lead generation funnel …once you have done so you will be able to apply it to any funnel you can imagine.  

Like I mentioned, I first discovered this back in 2014 when my team and I were building out and managing dozens of webinar funnels for clients.

One day I was trying to explain to a prospective client how a webinar funnel could help him make more money, and it wasn’t going well.

So I created a visual map to illustrate the funnel flow …then I numbered each element in the funnel, and then I created a list of each and every little task that needed to be completed in order for that element (and the entire funnel) to be completed.

I didn’t expect the response I got.  In fact I didn’t really expect any response, honestly I was just hoping that he would finally understand what I had been trying to tell him.  

We were all on a Skype screen share, the client and his 3 team members, and 4 of my team members … and within minutes of ending our call the client rang me back on my cell phone to tell me how fantastic it was.  He went on to say that it was the first time he really clearly understood just how many moving parts and different elements were involved to building online sales funnels.

Shortly after I finished speaking with him, my own team called to say we must use that moving forward with all of our personal projects and our client projects.


THE FRAMEWORK has helped me build, launch, and manage more projects faster …but more importantly it continues to help me get better results faster for my clients.  Not to mention it has eliminated stress and overwhelm for my team and our clients.

What I really love about THE FRAMEWORK is how easy it is for people to learn, implement, and master in their own business.  It is kind of like riding a bike …once you learn it you never forget it.

One of the other really great things I love about THE FRAMEWORK is the flexibility in which can be applied to just about any online project.  

Watch the below video to see how I apply it to a very simple lead generation funnel …you will see the process for implementing it in your business right away.

Maybe the best thing about THE FRAMEWORK is how easy it makes it to outsource your project. Obviously not every single task can be outsourced, but those that can (and should) will be easily identified inside THE FRAMEWORK.

As I mentioned above, THE FRAMEWORK is very simple to learn, implement and master … and I believe you will be able to do all 3 of those things by using it on a simple lead generation funnel as shown in my video above.

I would also challenge you to accept this as a framework … which means that once you have implemented it one time, you should always look for ways to improve/tailor it for your business 🙂  

Always be improving your processes!!!

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