The Little Moments Mean The Most

Have you ever missed a moment with your spouse or child that you regret?

I am not entirely sure why, but recently I have been realizing just how many moments I actually miss during a given day.

While I work from home and I spend more time with my family than I did when I was consulting businesses my life is still not ideal. For example, it has been unseasonably hot here in San Diego so my 4.5 year old son and I went swimming yesterday in the middle of the day and it was great!

Yet it also reminded me that we need to do this daily, or at least have the stress free choice of doing so if we wish.

Ultimately it comes down to choices … and I am realizing that I am still choosing to focus on work related tasks rather than spending time with my family.  So WHY is this?

The reality is because I have a flaw in the design of my income systems.  The bad news is, this is going to require adjustments to my daily habits and business systems.  The good news is, I can make the changes 🙂

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