The Ultimate Webinar Framework

You’ve done most of the hard work; now it’s time to deliver massive value to your webinar attendees.

There are countless gurus out there selling what they claim to be the perfect webinar script or framework or system, but I have news for you …most of them are full of shit!

Here’s the reality … hosting a really great webinar that converts attendees to buyers is difficult.  It requires multiple different factors come together like a well oiled machine.

With that said there is ONE THING that matters the most.  This ONE THING can (and will) make or break your webinar success.

Before I tell you what that ONE THING is, let me give you a simple 5 step framework for crafting your webinar presentation.

#1: Confirmation

This step is super simple, but very important and often overlooked by most.  But before you do this, it is a best practice to start every webinar with some general housekeeping items like:

  • Asking attendees to respond with a “Yes” or a #1 if they can hear you and see your screen
  • Ask attendees to share where they are from in the chat box … then be sure to call people’s names out like “Hey “name”, welcome” … and “Awesome, we have “name” all the way from “location”

Then when you are ready to get started, you will want to do the help attendees confirm they have made a great choice to attend your webinar.  You will want to introduce yourself and sell them on staying to the end of the presentation.

#2: Be Real

This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from all the other marketing “gurus” out there by acknowledging their skepticisms and objections right from the start.  The magic in this is that by doing so you silently break down their defense mechanism.

Next you want to magnetize some by polarizing others, by making a statement like “this webinar is not for you, if you are looking for a get rich scheme or some magic push button success system that lets you sit on the couch watching tv all day”.

#3: The Connection

You’ve heard that saying that people buy from people they like … well they also buy from people they can relate to, and that they trust.

Building rapport is critical to the success of your webinar.  The two primary ways to achieve this connection is by telling your story, and if possible, showing your “real results”.  

Do NOT use fake results or tell fake stories!

#4: The Payoff

Ok so this is the reason people showed up to your webinar … they aren’t there to listen to how great you are or really hear about all of the success you’ve had.

News Flash – your webinar registrants / attendees do not care about you or your success, what they most interested in is whether or not you can help them get the results they are looking for.

Marketing gurus have come up with all sorts of sneaky ways to do this, but at the end of the day you simply need to provide your attendees with real, actionable strategies & tactics that can help them progress their business or overcome some obstacle they are struggling with.

They need to feel that they have learned something on your webinar that will allow them to get results right away.  So if you can teach 2-4 actionable strategies or tactics that they need you are on the right track.

TIP – you want to stay focused on the big picture, do not bog them down with specific details because you will kill your sales.  If you want help with your webinar, click here to schedule a free consult with me.

#5: The Offer Framework

Ok here’s another example of where marketing gurus have come up with all kinds of sneaky little tactics to convince you they have the magic solution that will somehow make you rich!

  • 12 Step Formula
  • The Stack
  • etc…

The truth is … many of the tactics they’ve come up with will most likely increase your sales conversion, but none of them will help you IF you don’t have the ONE THING I mentioned earlier.

So what is this ONE THING you are probably wondering?

The ONE THING is … an Irresistible Offer!

If your offer is irresistible and it matches the needs and desires of your audience you will make sales despite how you presented it, or how nice your webinar slides looked, or how great your webinar funnel was.

On the flip side, you could have everything else perfect but a shitty offer and your sales will be non-existent.

I’m telling you this because I have seen hundreds of people over the past few years focus on everything but their offer and their sales suffered …whereas I have seen dozens focus 90% of their attention on their offer and they crushed it with sales.

So let me repeat that … your offer is by far the most important thing for you to focus on!

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